It’s Time for Flu Vaccines

Get Flu Vaccine!Now is the time to make sure that you and your family are protected against the flu during the upcoming winter season.

Influenza (“the flu”) is an illness characterized by high fever, body aches, headache and cough. It typically lasts 5-7 days and results in many missed days from school and work each year. A significant number of people develop pneumonia or other secondary infections that may require hospitalization and can even be fatal. Children under 5, people with asthma or other chronic diseases, pregnant women and senior citizens are more likely to develop these complications. Because of the risks associated with the flu, our doctors recommend the flu vaccine for all children.

The flu vaccine is available in two forms: the flu shot and the flu nasal spray (flu mist). Anyone 6 months or older may receive the flu shot. If you are pregnant, have a chronic illness (for example, asthma or kidney disease) or a very weakened immune system, you should receive the flu shot instead of the flu mist. The flu mist is recommended for healthy individuals 2 to 49 years of age.

A child under 9 years of age, who is receiving the flu vaccine for the first time ever, should receive two vaccines this year, separated by at least one month.

Anyone with a severe egg allergy should not receive either flu vaccine.

For our patients, insurance should cover the cost of the flu vaccine. For adults (parents or grandparents) or private-pay patients the cost is $30 for the flu shot and $35 for the flu mist.

If your child is due for a checkup in the next month, he/she can receive the vaccine during that visit. Otherwise, please call our office at 901-683-9371 to schedule a flu vaccine appointment.

If you have any questions about the flu vaccine, please call our office!