Immunization Schedule

Immunizations are a very important part of maintaining healthy children and adults in our city, country and world.  We often hear questions about the various vaccines that have been added to the schedule over the past 20 years.  We can truly say that during our own careers we have seen marked reduction in serious illnesses thanks to vaccinations!  We all feel very comfortable with the safety of the immunization schedule and recommend following it strongly.

Age Pediarix
HIB Prevnar Rotavirus Hepatitis A MMR Varivax Menactra Men B HPV
2 Months Dose 1 Dose 1 Dose 1 Dose 1
4 Months Dose 2 Dose 2 Dose 2 Dose 2
6 Months Dose 3 Dose 3 Dose 3
12 Months Dose 4 Dose 1 Dose 1
15 Months Dose 4
(DTaP Only)
Dose 3 Dose 1
18 Months Dose 2
4-6 Years Dose 4/5
Dose 2 Dose 2
12-14 Years TdaP Dose 1 Dose 1-3
18 Years Dose 2 Dose 1-2

And of course we recommend annual flu vaccines for all of our patients each fall.