Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are a very important part of every person’s healthcare every year.  

If your child is scheduled for a checkup visit during the fall, a flu vaccine may be given during that checkup visit.  If you would prefer to bring your children to see the nurse and receive the flu vaccine with a quick visit, we have made this option even easier this year. 

1. Call to make an appointment

You’ll need to make sure that you make appointments for all of the people in your group who will get a flu vaccine.  This may include your children, and even adults in your family.  You will need to specify for each person if they will be receiving the flu shot or the flu mist.  

2. Take care of details

Make sure that we have accurate insurance information for the children in your group.  We can file insurance claims for our patients and in most cases there is no copay required.  For adults, there is a charge of $35 for the flu shot and $40 for the flu mist.  Our billing staff will contact you in advance of your appointment to arrange payment so that your visit can be handled very efficently.

3. Arrive for your appointment

At the time of your appointment, please come to our back parking lot.  We will have several reserved spaces for patients who are here to receive the flu vaccine.  It will not be necessary for you to come in to the waiting room. Please arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible and park in one of the designated parking spots.

4. See the nurse and receive your vaccination

After you arrive, go ahead and prepare to get the kids out of the car but wait in your car until the nurse calls you to our back door.  She will escort you into the flu vaccine area and administer the vaccines.

5. Go on your way

And feel good that you’ve helped your family and your community stay healthier!

Your child is our mission.

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