Patient Portal

The Patient Portal

Our patient portal is the most efficient way to interact with our your pediatrician and our staff. If you need a prescription refill, a camp form completed, a copy of your child’s immunization record, to access lab results, or have a non-emergent question for our nurses you can send a message through the portal and that request will be delivered right to the people who can help you.

For more urgent needs after hours, please call our after hours nurses by dialing our main number (901.683.9371),

Initial Setup

When you registered your children at Laurelwood and provided us your email address, portal accounts were added for your children.  If you are having problems logging into the portal, see the sections below for more help.  You can access the portal through the portal login page on a computer or from your phone using the healow app.  For more help configuring the healow app, go to our patient portal setup page.

Registering your child yourself

If you have provided us with your email address, your child is likely already set up for the portal.  If not, you can self-register for the portal by providing some information about your child.  Of course, this will only work if your child is already registered as a patient in our system.

If you are having problems…

If your child is already activated in our patient portal, our account recovery page can help you recover your child’s login and password information.  Remember that each of your children has a unique login and password for the portal. Typically, the first child that is registered in the portal has a username that matches the email address that you provided. Subsequent children who are registered with the same email address will have a username that is a combination of their last name, initial, and birth year.

If you are still having problems…

If you are still having trouble accessing your portal account, you can request help from our staff by entering the cell phone number that is associated with your child’s account below.  We will either send you a re-activation link or call you to help you get connected.

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If you are scheduled for a televisit with your pediatrician, there is an information page to help you know how to check in for that visit.

If you are having difficulty setting up either the web portal or the healow app, feel free to call and ask one of our staff members to help you!

Your child is our mission.

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