Patient Portal and healow Setup

Initial Setup

To start setting up your child’s portal account, simply give our office staff your email address.  If you have multiple children that we see in our practice, you’ll need to have each account web enabled.  We suggest that you use the same email for each of your children’s accounts.  Each child will have a unique username for the portal.

After your child is web enabled by our staff you will receive an email with her username and a link to set up her account.  The email will also include the specific web address of the portal and information about the healow app which is a great way to access the patient portal on your phone. You will need to set up your account on the web portal on your computer before configuring the healow app.

When you click on the “Set up Account” link, you should verify your identity with a code sent to your phone.  After you have entered the code that you receive, please set up a password and a security question.  There are always legal hoops to jump through, so please review and agree to the consent forms.  After you’ve given appropriate consents, you will see your child’s portal account.

If you have web enabled more than one child, you should go through the same process for each child.  Each of your children will have his own username and password.  When using the web version of the portal, you’ll need to use these logins for each specific child.

The healow App

Although the web portal is a very helpful tool, you may find that the healow app makes using our portal even easier. With this app, you can access the portal wherever you are with your phone and you can log in all of your children once and easily switch from one to the others without retyping passwords.

To start using the healow app, download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and open it.  Once in the app, click “Get Started”. On the next screen enter our practice code which is “DEJEBD” and tap “Login”.  Next enter the login and password for one of your children.  You should select “Myself” as the answer to the “Who does this account belong to?” question.  

On the next screen you will need to agree to the app terms and conditions and then create a PIN number for the app.  You can choose to use a fingerprint or facial id security as well.  A brief app tutorial follows and then you’re in your child’s portal on the healow app.

Adding More Children to healow

To add an additional child to your healow app, tap on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the app screen. Then select “My Accounts”.  Next click the “+” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to add this child to your app.  You’ll need to select our practice using the search field on the next screen.  You can search for “Laurelwood” under practice, search for your doctor’s name under providers, or enter “DEJEBD” for the practice code. Select Laurelwood Pediatrics from the list of practices that you’re given.  On the next screen, you should enter the username and password for the account of the child you’re adding. Select “Child” as the answer to “Who does this account belong to?” question.

After you’ve added all of your children, you’ll be able to swipe right or left on the main screen of the healow app to change between kids.


Sending a Message

One of the common uses for the healow app in to send a message like a question or a request for a refill to our nurses. Start by pressing the + button on the main screen of the app, then tap “Compose”.  Next select “General Messages” and then your child’s primary pediatrician.  You can enter your message and it will go directly in the nurse’s inbox. 


If you are scheduled for a televisit with your pediatrician, there is an information page to help you know how to check in for that visit.

If you are having difficulty setting up either the web portal or the healow app, feel free to call and ask one of our staff members to help you!

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