Eight Years



  • Continues to be accident prone, especially on the play ground. 
  • Has more control over small muscles, and therefore writes and draws with more skill. 
  • Displays a casual attitude toward clothing and appearance. 
  • Seems to be all hands and arms. 
  • Often agonizes over height and weight. 
  • Seems to possess boundless energy.
  • Begins to realize others experience similar feelings of anger, fear, sadness. 
  • Is easily embarrassed. 
  • Becomes discouraged easily. 
  • Is often self-deprecating.
  • Can be argumentative and bossy. 
  • Can also be quite lovable and responsive. 
  • Shows increasing ability to understand the needs and opinions of others. 
  • Is preoccupied with finding compatible friends. 
  • Especially likes to belong to more structured adult-led groups, such as Scouts and Campfire. 
  • Begins to display sense of loyalty. 
  • Enjoys secrets. 
  • Shows some hostility toward the opposite sex. 
  • No longer wants to assist in household chores.
  • Is often idealistic. 
  • Is keenly interested in projects and collections. 
  • Is proud of completing tasks. 
  • Resists adult guidance at times.


  • Read to your child every night. 
  • Limit the amount and the quality of television. 
  • Provide a quiet, well-lit place for homework. 
  • Be available for supervision. 
  • May want to start an outside group activity (soccer team, dance class, Girl Scouts, church group, etc.) 
  • Get to know your child’s friends and their parents. 
  • Provide supervision for your child after school. This is the best protection against future problems.