Nine Years


  • Acquires greater small muscle coordination 
  • Has increasing dexterity 
  • Usually does not have much gain in height and weight from previous year 
  • Favors active, highly-charged games and sports 
  • Wants to excel in sports and recreational skills 
  • Becomes more interested in clothing and appearance 
  • Loves bathroom humor
  • Becomes self-absorbed and introspective 
  • Tends to be critical of self 
  • Takes comfort in knowing others experience similar troubling feelings
  • Has ideas and interests independent from parents 
  • Does not like anything “different” 
  • Wants to talk, dress, and act just like friends 
  • Is involved in informal clubs and small groups of the same sex 
  • Begins to just sit and talk with friends MENTAL 
  • Uses reference books with increasing skills 
  • Becomes immersed in a hobby or project, then drops it for another 
  • May be a perfectionist 
  • Generally follows instructions 
  • Is developing personal standards of right and wrong 
  • Is highly concerned about fairness


  • Read to your child every night 
  • Limit the amount and monitor the quality of television 
  • Provide a quiet, well-lit place for homework 
  • Be available for supervision 
  • May want to start an outside group activity (soccer team, dance class, Girl Scouts, church group, etc.) 
  • Get to know your child’s friends and their parents 
  • Provide supervision for your child after school. This is the best protection against future problems.