Six Years


  • Loves active play. 
  • Can be reckless (does not understand dangers completely). 
  • Is still improving basic motor functions. 
  • Is still not well coordinated. 
  • Begins to learn some specific sports skills like batting a ball. 
  • Tires easily. 
  • Dawdles much of the time. 
  • Is fascinated with the subject of teeth. 
  • May become a more finicky eater. 
  • Uses crayons and paints with some skill, but has difficulty writing and cutting. 
  • May resist baths.
  • May have unpredictable mood swings. 
  • Is quite sensitive to criticism. 
  • Has a problem admitting a mistake. 
  • Feels quite guilty about mistakes.
  • Evaluates self and friends. 
  • Begins to impose rules on play activities. 
  • Cooperates with other children with some difficulty. 
  • Has difficulty considering the feelings of others. 
  • Values independence.
  • Likes taking responsibility for simple household chores. 
  • Likes to make simple decisions. 
  • Counts to 100. 
  • Asks endless “how-what-when-where-why” questions. 
  • Continues to refine concepts of shape, space, time, colors and numbers. 
  • Begins to understand the difference between intentional and accidental. 
  • Begins to understand differences of opinion. 
  • Still has a short attention span (about 15 minutes maximum). 
  • Enjoys dramatic play.


  • Read to your child every night. 
  • Limit the amount and monitor the quality of television.